The therapeutic properties of plant oils were recognized long ago by ancient civilizations. From Mesopotamia and Egypt till the Roman Empire these oils were used in various rituals concerning health and beauty, representing true status symbols of that time. It is well known that oils, due to their special composition, have a very important role in the preservation of human health.
Among numerous functions, the biggest role of lipids is to serve as an energy “storage” for human metabolism. On the other hand, they are the basic building blocks of cell membranes for all living beings (phospholipids, ceramides, sterols, sphingolipids) protecting the cell and, in essence, the whole organism against harmful effects from the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, the lipids participate in numerous processes for the transfer of signals among cells stimulating various physiological processes. There is a large number of plant oils which may be used orally (as an addition to diets) and at the same time locally.
Due to their specific compositions, those oils can be used as support for treatment of many diseases like allergies (black cumin oils), atopic dermatitis (primrose oil), menopause (borage oil), cardiovascular risks (flax seeds oil or olive oil) etc.

Owing to a high concentration of natural antioxidants and omega fatty acids, these oils have proven to be especially useful in the prevention of early aging. Today, when we are actively acknowledging the beneficial effects of natural alternatives for different therapies, self-treatment and care, oils can surely find their place in the most various of indications, from dry and sensitive skin care to the prevention of vascular diseases.

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